Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the event of an accident?

In the unfortunate event of an accident, our customers are notified promptly. Beyond the safety of the people involved, the safety of your belongings is our top priority, so you will be informed if the accident impacted your items in the truck. Beyond notifying our customer, both parties in the accident would exchange information, a police report would be filed, and the damages likely covered by insurance under the rental company’s agreement with the customer. We’re proud to say we have not had an accident occur, and we believe a big part of that is due to our careful approach and experienced drivers.

Why should we use a moving truck driver instead of a car hauler, or traditional moving company?

We don’t just move your belongings for you, we customize your experience to each and every one of your unique needs. Beyond that, we work on our customer’s schedule, not the other way around. Working with a moving company can often come with delays in your belongings arriving or an impersonal experience. We took the traditional concept of a moving company and intentionally improved our model in every way, with our customers at the center of our business. Unfortunately, that isn’t the norm in our industry.

Do any of your drivers smoke?

Absolutely not! Who would want all of their belongings to arrive to their home with the smell of smoke on them? We do not allow any of our drivers to smoke.

What about insurance?

When you rent a moving vehicle, your agreement actually includes insurance that covers another driver, so long as they have your permission to drive the vehicle. That means our drivers are covered under the insurance you receive with your rental. We are simply added to the contract with your moving truck’s supplier, which we have done countless times with companies like U-Haul, Penske, Budget, and Ryder.

Does your company drive U-Haul or Penske moving trucks with towing equipment?

We can confidently tow your vehicle behind even the largest trucks – up to 26 feet in length! If you would like additional insight into tow dollys, check out our recommended resources via the links below.

U-Haul Tow Dolly

Penske Towing Equipment

Budget Car Carrier

Which do you prefer? Penske vs U-Haul?

That may seem like a simple question, but there isn’t a black and white answer. It truly comes down to the cost and convenience for you, the customer. It’s best to look for a moving truck company that is close to your pickup and delivery location. Regarding our experience driving trucks from the two companies, they are seemingly one in the same. If you would like recommendations of our preferred company locations, below are several links you can use to guide your decision.

U-Haul Locations 

Penske Locations

Ryder Locations

Budget Locations

How do you estimate fuel costs?

Moving Truck Driver takes advantage of the online resource provided by, which you can also access yourself. We estimate approximately 8 miles per gallon for smaller vehicles and 5 miles per gallon for larger vehicles (like the 26-foot trucks). 

What are some long-distance driving tips?

1. It can be difficult to find a gas station when you need one on a long-distance trip, so we recommend filling up when you get down to a quarter of a tank.

2. Do what you can to alleviate eye strain – wear sunglasses, bring eye lubricant, anything you can do to help your eyes stay moistened and comfortable.

3. Keep your windshield clean whenever you fill your gas tank. You’d be surprised by the amount of bugs that end up collecting on your windshield.

4. With route options usually available for long-distance travel, find the route that will give you the best driving weather, for your safety.

5. Highways are always the most efficient – avoid city routes as much as you can to arrive to your destination as quickly as possible.

6. Take advantage of AAA, they have fantastic long-distance driving resources.

Does your company offer moving help, or just the transportation?

Absolutely! We aspire to meet each and every one of your unique needs for your move. When we work together to draw up your customized move plan, we are glad to add any additional services you may need to help your move be even more stress-free for you. Our customers’ needs are our top priority.

What resources does Moving Truck Driver utilize when driving cross country?

For the latest in transportation safety, we recommend National Highway Safety Administration.

Also, please see a map of our National Highway System 

How much does it cost for a moving truck driver?

The cost is depending on your unique needs. We aspire to customize each of our customers’ experiences, so we don’t have a flat fee for every move. The size of the moving truck, towing needs, and distance are some of the biggest considerations behind our rate. If you would like a more exact quote, check out our free online quoting tool