Need a U-Haul Driver? We Specialize in Driving U-Hauls Across the Country.

Moving Truck Driver was created to alleviate some of the stress that occurs while moving so that you can enjoy the exciting journey of moving to your new home. However far away that home may be. We know becoming your own U-Haul driver during your next move can be a stressful experience for all of us. With so much to do and endless logistics to coordinate, moving your life can be chaotic. Simply moving your belongings nationwide shouldn't be.

To further support our aim to alleviate the stress of your move, we work on your schedule. Not the other way around. And unfortunately hiring a mover can come at the expense of your control over the agenda. It’s common to need to schedule your move around your mover's agenda. From when your move starts to when your possessions arrive at their destination. We operate around what you need. Your time, experience, and belongings are our top priorities. Moving Truck Driver gets your belongings safely to your new home in a matter of hours or days. Not weeks like you may have endured in the past.


Hire a U-Haul Driver

With Moving Truck Driver as your partner. we guarantee your belongings are safe with experienced professionals handling the driving for you.

Renting a truck with a driver tends to be a large source of the stress that comes with moving, and rightfully so. Without consistent experience with different types of vehicles and towing, driving a large moving vehicle can be a scary task.

Beyond actually driving a moving truck yourself, navigating in a new city and state comes with many unexpected challenges. Especially for individuals who haven’t experienced moving as a regular part of their lives. It is ours because we have hands-on experience with even the largest of moving trucks. Like the U-Haul 26-foot truck that has the capacity to hold a 5 bedroom home. Not only can we confidently drive U-Haul's, but we can do so with your vehicle being towed behind, as we drive across the country. Driving a U-Haul with a car trailer is what we do.

So regardless of where you rent your moving truck from, the size of the truck you need, whether you need moving supplies, or if you need your vehicle towed, we can handle it all. Our dedicated professionals, with unmatched experience, ensure your cherished belongings arrive at your new home safely and on your schedule. Your priorities are our priorities.

We’ve earned the reputation as one of the nation’s premier long distance moving truck and U-Haul drivers by putting our clients first with every move. Give yourself the gift of a stress-free moving experience with us as your trusted moving partners. We Specialize in driving U-Hauls, Penske, Ryder and Budget rental trucks across the country for long distance moves. Hire a U-Haul driver today.