Moving Appliances

Moving Appliances

Guide to Moving Appliances to Your New Space

When you're moving all of your prized possession into a new home, it becomes abundantly clear just how many items need to be carefully packed and moved. Though most of your belongings certainly need to come with you to your new home, there are some that are optional to take with you. Such as appliances. Typically, we think our refrigerator, washer, and dryer should be hauled into the moving truck with the rest of our furniture and boxes but is that really necessary? Moving appliances, even smaller ones, can be a huge hassle. Check out these considerations before you officially decide to put forth the effort. You will likely be saving yourself some time and energy!

What is the Longevity of the Appliance?

If you have had a particular appliance for a while it could be reaching the end of its lifespan. Few things are more frustrating than moving appliances to a new home. Only to have them break down shortly after your arrival. If you have an appliance that is near its lifespan anyway, your move may be just the moment you need to purchase a replacement and start fresh in your new home.

Do Your Current Appliances Match the Appliances in Your New Home?

Most commonly, a new home will have an existing stove and likely a dishwasher and/or microwave. With appliances coming in all different styles and designs, another important factor to consider is whether your old appliances will match the new ones. Having mix-matched appliances in your new home might be totally fine for some people. But for others, it’s enough to drive others to the appliance store as soon as they can get settled. If you already know your old appliances won’t match the new ones, don’t bother moving them, you may want to consider having matching appliances delivered for you once you arrive.

Do Your Appliances Even Fit Your New Home?

Perhaps the most important consideration of all is whether your old appliances will even fit in your new home. We previously stated that few things are more frustrating than appliances breaking down shortly after you spent time moving them. An appliance not fitting in your new space certainly tops that. Take the time to measure where your appliances, will be placed before you move them. Be sure to measure not just width and length, but height and depth as well. Not only can that help you avoid moving appliances unnecessarily, but it can also help you proactively order new appliances, so they are ready when you need them. After all, who wants to be without a refrigerator unexpectedly?


Moving appliances is something most of us don’t think much about. We simply put in the effort to move them, then are surprised later if the effort was unnecessary. Using the considerations shared today, you can decide if you even want to bother with moving your appliances, or if you would be better off purchasing new ones. Whether you still choose to move the appliances or if you opt for getting replacements, you’ll certainly feel more confident in your choice when you have considered all of your options.